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Image of person using StimStixStimStix are currently assisting people with Autism, Occupational Therapy, Fine Motor Delays, and Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD). StimStix are a simple, all natural, eco-friendly, easily sanitized, portable product that are used for a variety of therapeutic needs. Many have increased their fine motor skills simply by twirling them. Others have found them to help reduce impulsive behaviors, to assist with remaining focused while in class, and to appropriately satisfy their need to “stim” without causing disruption.

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There are four StimStix styles:

Image of woman using StimStix

Original: Most popular for learning how to maneuver and rock back and forth between fingers. For individuals who like the texture of a smooth surface, this is perfect for rubbing with the thumb and fingers.

Trainer: Lighter than the Original StimStix, the Trainer helps to master the twirling technique. Three undulations provides options for rocking and manipulating the StimStix.

Advanced: Lighter than the Trainer StimStix, the Advance provides more of a challenge to twirl between the fingers due to the closeness of the undulations. The smooth texture on the ends of the stix is also perfect for rubbing with the thumb or fingers.

Therapy: Lightest of the StimStix, the Therapy is most often used as a massaging devise by rolling the stix on the leg or arm when “stimming”. Therapy can also be used to rock between fingers and is the most challenging to twirl between the fingers due to the closeness of the undulations.

Each StimStix is hand made, therefore no two StimStix will be exactly the same.

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