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Image of two StimStix with custom logos or text on itCustomize our 100% green StimStix product with your engraved logo or name. Only available in the natural engraved color to maintain the organic integrity of the product.

Image of StimStix on Professional Desk
StimStix add your logo image showing 3 Original StimStix and Your Logo TextStimStix make a wonderful edition on any desk. Now you can personalize them with your own brand or name.

For further information on how we can assist you, your company, or your organization with custom logo or text imprint pricing, please call us toll free at

Or Email us at:

Image of presents adorned with ribbons, card, and StimStix. StimStix Make Great Gifts and Gift Toppers. No matter what your reason, StimStix are that Special Gift that says you care. Standard or Curomized with Name or Logo. Ribbons and adornments not included.

StimStix reserves the right to refuse any services to organizations or persons we feel may have a negative impact on the StimStix product.

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