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Picture of student studying while using a StimStix

StimStix were created by watching a high school Autistic student walk around the school campus attempting to find the “perfect” stick or object that had the correct shape, length and weight to utilize as a “stimming” device.

With Jacob’s assistance, we were able to create the Original StimStix.

As other students saw Jacob with his StimStix, they also wanted a StimStix. After one mass production of the Original StimStix, we then decided there should be different variations of the StimStix.

Image of Person using StimStix in a vehicleWith Jacob’s assistance, we were able to create three more variations of the StimStix. To date, you can purchase four variations of the StimStix;  each version has been tested and “officially approved” by Jacob.

To date, students utilize the StimStix in school to:

  • Appropriately satisfy their need to “stim” without causing disruption
  • Assist with remaining focused in class
  • Reduce impulsive behaviors
  • Increase fine motor skills

Thank you for visiting the StimStix website. If you are interested in our product we hope you will visit our “Product” page. If you choose to purchase a StimStix product we hope you will enjoy our all natural, hand-made, eco-friendly products as much as we do.  We always welcome feedback and stories and would love to hear from you.

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