StimStix Header Image Testimonials

"Since I put StimStix on my table, my autistic clients have increased their communication skills during our therapy sessions."
Lora L. – MFT

"StimStix has made riding in the car managable for my autistic son."
Sara G.

"My son never would have survived the 5 hour plane ride with out StimStix."
Bethany J.

"I first bought a StimStix for my son and then bought one for myself."
Tom A.

Excerpt from Dr. Alexandra Y. Feinberg’s Letter:
"…Because StimStix are easily accessible and useful as a highly effective communication tool, StimStix are the best kind of props and/or interventions. Most of all, I have had the opportunity to see StimStix in action. It works! Therefore, I totally embrace the concept and endorse its use."
Dr. Alexandra Y. Feinberg
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